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ADATA 512GB Ultimate SU800 SSD


ADATA 512GB Ultimate SU800 SSD, 2.5′, SATA3, 7mm (2.5mm Spacer), 3D NAND, R/W 560/520 MB/s

  • With a capacity of 512 GB, you have large storage space for all your documents and data
  • The high-read speed of 560 MB/s maximizes system performance and saves time while you are doing complex tasks
  • With the high-write speed of 520 MB/s, get a quick response when updating or transferring files
  • Have data stored faster with SATA/600 interface that optimizes burst performance

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Equip your notebook or PC with more speed, stability and efficiency. Equipped with 3D TLC NAND Flash and features like DEVSLP (Device Sleep), this SSD gives your system a boost in performance and energy efficiency. Intelligent SLC caching and a DRAM buffer ensure high write and read speeds. The SU800 Solid State Drive uses 3D-V-NAND technology. With 3D-V-NAND, the transistors are vertical to the chip surface and are also arranged in several planes. This achieves a higher storage density and at the same time reduces the risk of interferences between the cells. The advantages compared to a conventional hard disk are considerably shorter access times, lower energy consumption and a greatly increased shock tolerance. This means that your operating system boots faster, less heat is generated and your data remains intact even in the event of major vibrations. A further advantage is the very long service life, whereby your data is preserved over a long period of time.


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