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AOC C27G2AE/BK 27′ Widescreen VA LED Black/Red Multimedia Curved Monitor (1920×1080/1ms/VGA/1xDP/2xHDMI)

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The AOC C27G2AE/BK offers gamers and multimedia enthusiasts a unique panoramic experience with its wide, curved panel. This allows you to dive deeper into your gaming worlds than ever before. The monitor supports extremely smooth refresh rates of up to 165 Hz, which it can synchronize with your compatible graphics card thanks to FreeSync Premium. This lets you benefit from lower input lags and eliminates tearing effects. G-Menu lets you configure monitor settings and switch between six game modes. This allows you to quickly set the perfect preset for any game, whether it’s a shooter, racing or RTS. Similar to IPS panels, the VA (Vertical Alignment) panel of this monitor also convinces with high viewing angle stability, so you can still see the content well even if you view the monitor from the side. This technology is also convincing in terms of color fidelity. Compared to IPS panels, VA monitors often even achieve higher contrast ratios and deeper, more homogeneous black tones. This makes this monitor ideal for working in darkened rooms and for color-sensitive applications like image editing.This monitor has a curved display surface, the so-called curved design.


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