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TP-Link TG-3468 Gigabit Network


TP-Link TG-3468 Gigabit PCI-E Network card

  • Connect your desktop PC to the internet via the Ethernet port and enjoy powerful connections with the TP-Link TG-3468 Ethernet PCIe Card.
  • Fitting comfortably into the back of your PC, you can enjoy high-speed connection whilst downloading data, streaming content or surfing the internet.
  • With speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, you won’t experience any interruptions or connection drops, making your online tasks easy and time efficient.

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The PCIe Gigabit Network Adapter TG-3468 is a high-performance adapter designed for the high-speed PCI Express Bus Architecture. Designed to support 10/100/1000Mbps network speed Auto-Negotiation, 802.3x flow control, and Wake-on-LAN technology. TG-3468 Gigabit PCIe Network Adapter is a highly integrated and cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet Adapter which is a good selection to upgrade your network.


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