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PC & laptop repairs in Glasgow

Established in 1997, our repair centre has probably seen every problem you’ve experienced and knows how to handle it efficiently and cost effectively. Our priority is always to do the best by our customers, giving you the quickest answer with the least inconvenience.

Specializing in servicing the needs of small business and home users, our team can tackle almost any job, and offer flat fee services for many common problems, so you know up front how much the repair will cost.

From annoying popups to screen hijacks and ransomware attacks, we have the skills needed to secure your system and repair the damage caused by malicious software.

Our 20 point process checks every nook and cranny leaving you confident in your computer again.

Malware, bloatware, insufficient RAM, crammed hard drives, out of date software…. there are many causes of poor performance.

Our technicians can accurately identify the bottlenecks in your system and implement a solution to get you back up to speed.

Whether it’s a simple knock whilst it’s in your bag, or a tumble down the stairs, laptop hinges can be vulnerable too!

The connection between your laptops screen and the body contains many delicate connectors so don’t leave it to cause more damage.

Whether it is a problem with one program, all programs, or even not loading at all, we can get your Windows working again.

Windows repairs can be complex so typically allow one to two working days.

Whether it’s a simple knock whilst it’s in your bag, or a tumble down the stairs, laptop screens can be vulnerable.

With common items kept in stock our technicians can often fit a new screen same day.

Without power your laptop is an expensive paper weight. Most charging ports can be repaired in a cost effective and timely manner.

Stop wiggling that poor cable to all sorts of tortuous positions and get the root cause addressed!

Computer upgrades in Glasgow

Great stock

We have access to our large stock of new parts kept here in Glasgow, no waiting on deliveries!

Great facilities

We have the equipment needed to accomplish almost any upgrade task.

Great experience

Whether it be a laptop, desktop, server or custom liquid cooling system, we’ve done it before and can do it for you.

Great price

Many common jobs benefit from our fixed rate servicing meaning you know how much the job will cost before we lift a screwdriver.

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