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Losing data is traumatic but it needn’t be a disaster….

No matter how bad the problem seems.

From faulty hard drives to failing memory sticks, dodgy desktops to wonky backups, if your data can be stored on it, we can recover it.

Whether it’s a faulty device, accidental deletion, natural disaster or cyber attack, we’re here to help you recover your data.

It was meant to be my backup…

We can get it back.

f your drive is not working, or making a clicking noise, it probably has a mechanical failure. Alternatively if it seems to work okay but you can’t access some or all of your files, the drive is probably experiencing logical errors.

The newest technologies bring new challenges but our engineers are up to the job with access to some of the latest equipment and techniques. Solid state drives may have no moving parts, but they can still fail.

I thought they didn’t break…

Smashed screens, broken charging ports, even ran over with a car!

We can help you get your data back.

That hurt…
I just knocked it….

USB flash drives, or memory sticks, can suffer from broken connectors, damaged firmware and logical errors; all are recoverable.

We can work from a variety of cards including SD, MMC, CF, MS. There’s no reason to lose your precious memories.

But my pictures were on there……

How it works:


We determine what will be involved in getting your data back to you. You receive a clear report with a fixed price and realistic timeframe for recovery, with no obligation to proceed.


With your approval we proceed with the work to get your data back. You receive a report detailing the data recovered and the success rate.


We transfer your data to new media appropriate for the volume of data recovered. You can have the data returned on a larger storage device if you wish.

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