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AOC 27E3QAF 27″ IPS 1080p Monitor


AOC 27E3QAF LED monitor 27″ 1920 x 1080 Full HD (1080p) @ 75 Hz IPS 1000:1 4 ms HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort speakers textured black Full Product Specification
Height-adjustable base IPS panel Adaptive Sync 75 Hz refresh rate HDMI and DisplayPort Flicker-Free Low Blue Light Contourless design Exemplary slimness Ergonomics Integrated speakers

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Product Features

Height-adjustable stand

This screen features height-adjustment options that help you find the right posture while you work, play or watch videos. Adapting the AOC screen to your needs not only reduces fatigue, it also keeps you healthy. And, ultimately, it helps you and your teams to achieve better results, whatever your activity.

IPS panel

The IPS panel ensures excellent visual comfort, with true, vivid colors and precise contours. Colors are identical whatever the viewing angle of the screen.

Adaptive Sync

Adaptive Sync aligns your monitor’s vertical refresh rate with the frame rate produced by your graphics card, ensuring even smoother intense or casual gaming, by eliminating jerks, spills and distortion. This function is also useful when watching videos or other visual media, providing optimized entertainment.

75 Hz refresh rate

Take it to the next level! With a refresh rate of 75 Hz, the panel displays 75 frames per second. The 75 Hz refresh rate is 25% faster than the 60 Hz offered by most entry-level displays, yet it’s still affordable and delivers those extra frames gamers need to beat their opponents.


HDMI is a multimedia interface supported by today’s game consoles, GPUs and set-top boxes, and supports the HDCP digital content protection system.


DisplayPort offers ultra-fast digital video and audio transmission without loss of quality or display delay. Quickly and easily connect a range of devices to your display, including your desktop computer, notebook, media player, game console and more. This feature is perfect for professionals, as well as the most demanding home users.


AOC’s Flicker-Free technology uses a DC backlit panel that reduces flickering light levels. With eye fatigue reduced to a minimum, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy long, intense gaming sessions without any loss of comfort!

Low Blue Light

Short-wave blue light can damage your eyes. AOC’s Low Blue Light technology blocks harmful blue light rays without altering the colors displayed.

Contour-free design

As well as providing a modern, attractive look, the contour-free design enables seamless multi-screen configurations. Your cursor and windows are no longer lost in the dark abyss of contours when multiple screens are placed side by side.

Exemplary slimness

With its minimalist chassis design, this monitor blends into your environment without disturbing your workspace in the slightest. Space-saving, easy to transport, attractive aesthetics… these are just a few of the qualities of this featherweight monitor, demonstrating that extreme thinness can still have its advantages.


Live in comfort! AOC’s height-adjustable, tilting and swiveling supports help you find the most comfortable and healthy position possible.

Built-in speakers

Built-in speakers make it easy to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. For movies, games and more, you’ll enjoy quality sound without the hassle of connecting external speakers.

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