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Arctic Freezer 7 X CO Compact Heatsink & Fan


Arctic Freezer 7 X CO Compact Heatsink & Fan, Intel & AMD Sockets, Continuous Operation, Dual Ball Bearing

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The ARCTIC Freezer 7 X CO is a compact CPU cooler with one 100mm fan. It is multi-compatible with common Intel® and AMD® sockets. Due its dual ball bearing it is optimised for Continuous Operation. The Freezer 7 X CO benefits from an improved heatsink design and a reworked heat pipe layout. In conjunction with the fan, which is optimized for high static pressure, ARCTIC was been able to significantly improve the Freezer 7 X CO’s cooling performance.

The ARCTIC Freezer 7 X CO sets new standards in cooling. Compared to its predecessor, a performance increase of almost 10 % could be tested. The thermal resistance stands for the absolute performance of a CPU cooler by indicating the temperature increase per unit of performance. It also represents the cooling performance independent of the processor and is the more accurate alternative to a TDP specification.

Suitable for Intel socket 115x, 1200 and 1700 processors as well as AMD socket AM4 and AM3 processors.

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