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GameMax Razor Extreme 120mm ARGB Case Fan


GameMax Razor Extreme ARGB 120mm Fan

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The Razor Extreme is designed for gamers and system builders, this fan performs exceptionally well from an aesthetics point of view guaranteeing stunning lighting from all angles with a dual ring running along the outside accompanied by an inner ring entirely filled with ARGB lighting, this fan will easily brighten up any system they are used in. But not only, aesthetically, does this fan shine. The performance of this fan is impressive with fan speeds of approximately 1200RPM and a massive amount of airflow of 60CFM ensures your system will stay cool without any fuss. Included is a 5V addressable 3 Pin AURA connector and when connected to a compatible motherboard, it gives you unlimited options when it comes to controlling your RGB lighting. The Razor is powered using a 3 Pin power. In line with the GameMax ethos this case offers style, performance and the ultimate experience.


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