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Kingston 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz SODIMM Memory


Kingston 8GB, DDR3L, 1600MHz (PC3L-12800), CL11, SODIMM Memory, *Low Voltage 1.35V*

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DDR3L or DDR3-Low Voltage RAM is a high speed computer memory that has same pins and size that of a normal DDR3 RAM but it is dual voltage memory. DDR3L memory can run on both 1.5V and 1.35V, which means it can run on both low and high voltages. DDR3L memory is also backward compatible with DDR3 which means you can run DDR3L memory on a system or motherboard that uses or requires traditional or normal DDR3 RAM. In DDR3 SoDIMM “PC3L” is written on the JEDEC compliant text (Sticker on the RAM module) for identification purpose and in normal DDR3 memory the text written is “PC3” only. DDR3L is generally used with Intel 4th and 5th+ generation processors and AMD FX series CPUs. The main advantages of DDR3L memory over DDR3 is lesser power requirement, lesser heat generation, support for new processors & motherboards and somewhat increased performance.


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