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AOC C32G3AE/BK 31.5′ Widescreen VA LED Black/Red Multimedia Curved Monitor (1920×1080/1ms/VGA/2xHDMI/DisplayPort)

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Thanks to G-Sync, the monitor can synchronize its frame rate with that of your compatible NVIDIA graphics card so that it minimizes input delays and avoids unsightly tearing effects without having to limit the frame rate – unlike conventional solutions like VSync. Save yourself from awkward contortions: This monitor has an integrated USB hub. This means that suitable connection options for your peripherals and storage media are just a flick of the wrist away. Speakers are already integrated into this monitor. So you don’t need external speakers and save space on your desk. This monitor features a curved display surface, called the Curved design. Compared to flat displays, it fills a wider area of your field of view with the same display diagonal. This creates an impressive panoramic effect and ensures optimal readability right to the edge. Similar to IPS panels, the VA (Vertical Alignment) panel of this monitor also convinces with high viewing angle stability, so you can still see the content well even if you look at the monitor from the side. This technology is also convincing in terms of color fidelity. Compared to IPS panels, VA monitors often achieve even higher contrast ratios and deeper, more homogeneous black tones. Thus, this monitor is perfectly suited for working in darkened rooms and for color-sensitive applications like image editing. Thanks to FreeSync, this monitor can synchronize its frame rate with that of your compatible graphics card, so it minimizes input lag and avoids unsightly tearing effects. Unlike traditional solutions such as VSync, this technology does not require a frame rate limit.


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